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February 17, 2005



Well, what can I say? It is frustrating being a parent when it means you face an aspect of an educational system that suggests it just doesn't get it. Did you get the feeling that the course was put on to meet bureaucratic targets rather than to address a specific need within the community as a whole? Did you get the feeling that if this is what Sam is being offered at 8, God help him at sixteen? (Am I projecting here?) I'm sorry that you had such a crap day.

I had a peep over on the Knitflame list that's just been mentioned on UKH. Well. I'd always wondered how people were so calm when the target of thinly veiled ad hominem attacks. Now I know how they achieve that composure.... they spew venom elsewhere. I joined but where's the fun in winding people up if you're allowed to?

What do you think of the new Rowan book? I've not seen it yet... Thrift must have her day.


The Horniman is a great museum (and free). What a pissy day you've had. As long as you are happy with the school and his statement and implementation, I wouldn't let it get to you (says Dawn, who can't cope with the UK list!). And if they only earned 5/10 in their lesson, it seems that they need to go on another course!

Dawn :)

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