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February 09, 2005



I think this notion of a hand held centre pull ball is an urban myth! I can nearly manage one if I use the inside cardboard tube of a toilet roll. Then start winding it in a figure eight motion. Go to ebay and buy a ball winder!

Love the retro rib - how's the koigu bearing up to the pattern?
Dawn :)


I love the sock you knit. It looks so pretty! Also, the koigu DOES look tropical, doesn't it?

I don't have a winder or anything like that either, so I wrap the yarn around my knees and make a non-center pull ball. I couldn't imagine making a center pull ball by hand, I know I would screw it up. But at least you tried!

Oh, that rugby fan? VERY ODD!


Hey, retro ribs! So glad that someone else is making these in koigu and likes them. Yours look good. I think I'll just be repeating to top ribbing all the way down, since the little purl ridges don't show up so well in my colorway. Keep up the good work!

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