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February 14, 2005



The retro rib looks awesome. Wish I'd been brave enough to continue the pattern all the way down. I just wasn't convinced that it was showing up enough. Yours looks great though.

Cute kiddos! :)


Oh dear, now he looks really poorly, or is he just being a man and having it far worse than you'll ever have it? At least the children are happy and healthy, love the photos!


they could probably win awards for those photos! just give then a funny title and bob's your uncle.

I'm just about to try the retro rib, or maybe a cabled sock. Dunno, but I wound a ball of (bright) lorna's laces tonight.

Dawn :)

Secret Pal

Cute, cute big kiddos! Hmmm... may have to add something to the next package for them. Give us a 'int, laidee and tell us what they're into... are we spongebobbing or builder bobbing or spidermanning????
hope the Toby feels better soon.

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