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January 23, 2005



Ive been thinking about moving to Typepad too. How are you finding it? Is there a European website I can visit to read up on it or is the USA the nearest?


Your junior rockstar looks so cute! Brooke loves that fulffy stuff..


It's great isn't it, when you accomplish a lot of little FOs. I've spent the evening working on a 4ply top, and I can't believe that I've only knitted about 4cm!

I'll be in the same boat as you tomorrow - Chris is off out with an old mate pubbing it in twickenham. Means I can watch my rubbish films. Just hope he makes the late train without any mishaps!
Dawn :)


As the recipient of the wrist warmers I can confirm that they are lovely, and really too good to be worn while setting up a market stall. I'm hoping the rumours that they are "big in Shoreditch" are, in fact, true so we can become both the hippest and most highly(over?)qualified stall in town...

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