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January 14, 2005



Welcome to RAOK! I have been really happy with Typepad. I switched from Blogcity last summer and love the ease of this program. Both Sockapaloosa and SP4 are on my project list too. A fun beginning to the year:)


welcome! you will love it!


if you need any help you can email me ;0)


Heya! Now I see you've moved all the blog and I went and left a comment on the old blog. Basically, I hope you're well and your knitting wasn't attached to the ball of felted tweed. It sounds like something out of a(n urban) fairy tale.


Two more things:

1. How do you join a knitalong? Does it vary?

2. I'm doing Klaralund as well! I'm about the same distance in as you are. What's that yarn you're using?

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