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January 18, 2005



Your hourglass came out awesome!!! I really love it! When I made mine I did the same thing- I put it on with the needles and the yarn still attached and took pictures and blogged and wore it for a while. LOL! Congrats- I think you might be the first who finished in the knitalong!


It looks wonderful!

I don't understand that part of your post where you talk about knitting this again though - surely there are too many patterns out there and not enough time to knit something twice?

dawn :)


Your hourglass looks great! Love the color. It looks really good on you, too! :-)


Hourglass looks awesome! You're inspiring me to speed up on mine!


It looks lovely! I saw that someone was using Felted Tweed and thought that was a wonderful idea. Glad to hear that you don't find it itchy at all. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the pattern. I think I am going to add some rows at the neck to keep it from being so wide.

Hope you enjoy wearing it!! :)

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